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Album: Bahane [free mp3]

Release: 2005 year
Artist: Sezen Aksu
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Bahane download


File Size      #
1. Sezen Aksu - Bahane.mp3 (2.01mb) download
2. Sezen Aksu - Eskidendi Cok Eskiden.mp3 (4.62mb) download
3. Sezen Aksu - Perisanim Simdi.mp3 (5.38mb) download
4. Sezen Aksu - Yanmisim Sonmusum Ben.mp3 (4.68mb) download
5. Sezen Aksu - Pisman Oldugun Zaman.mp3 (4.19mb) download
6. Sezen Aksu - Ikili Delilik.mp3 (4.58mb) download
7. Sezen Aksu - Kalp Unutmaz.mp3 (5.13mb) download
8. Sezen Aksu - Herkes Yarali.mp3 (6.20mb) download
9. Sezen Aksu - Sansima Inanma.mp3 (3.93mb) download
10. Sezen Aksu - Geciyor Bizden De.mp3 (5.62mb) download
11. Sezen Aksu - Tebdil-I Mekan.mp3 (4.20mb) download
12. Sezen Aksu - Hukumsuz.mp3 (4.42mb) download
13. Sezen Aksu - Ahdim Olsun.mp3 (4.75mb) download
14. Sezen Aksu - Kinali Kuzum.mp3 (4.84mb) download
15. Sezen Aksu - Cile.mp3 (4.67mb) download
16. Sezen Aksu - Sanima Inanma.mp3 (4.10mb) download

Album: Dugun Ve Cenaze [free mp3]

Release: 1997 year
Artist: Sezen Aksu
Album Tracks: 10 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Dugun Ve Cenaze download


File Size      #
1. Sezen Aksu - O Sensin.mp3 (7.76mb) download
2. Sezen Aksu - Allahin Varsa.mp3 (10.19mb) download
3. Sezen Aksu - Kasim Yagmurlari.mp3 (10.47mb) download
4. Sezen Aksu - Hidrellez.mp3 (7.72mb) download
5. Sezen Aksu - Dugun.mp3 (6.81mb) download
6. Sezen Aksu - Erkekler.mp3 (11.41mb) download
7. Sezen Aksu - Gul.mp3 (7.94mb) download
8. Sezen Aksu - Helal Ettim Hakkimi.mp3 (7.95mb) download
9. Sezen Aksu - Ay Isigi.mp3 (8.00mb) download
10. Sezen Aksu - Kalasnikof.mp3 (10.05mb) download

Album: Deniz Yldz [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Sezen Aksu
Album Tracks: 14 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Deniz Yldz download


File Size      #
1. Sezen Aksu - Deniz Yldz.mp3 (4.62mb) download
2. Sezen Aksu - Yol Arkadasm.mp3 (5.05mb) download
3. Sezen Aksu - On Ay.mp3 (2.16mb) download
4. Sezen Aksu - Hala Haber Bekliyorum.mp3 (4.70mb) download
5. Sezen Aksu - Krk Vals.mp3 (3.76mb) download
6. Sezen Aksu - Guvercin.mp3 (5.26mb) download
7. Sezen Aksu - Roman Kz.mp3 (4.33mb) download
8. Sezen Aksu - Izmirin Kzlar.mp3 (4.67mb) download
9. Sezen Aksu - Kutlama.mp3 (5.05mb) download
10. Sezen Aksu - Sor Beni.mp3 (5.81mb) download
11. Sezen Aksu - Memet.mp3 (5.43mb) download
12. Sezen Aksu - Tanrnn Goz Yaslar.mp3 (4.63mb) download
13. Sezen Aksu - Menajer.mp3 (4.10mb) download
14. Sezen Aksu - Besik.mp3 (5.58mb) download

Album: Unutulmayan Hatirlar [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Sezen Aksu
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Unutulmayan Hatirlar download


File Size      #
1. Sezen Aksu - Sinanay.mp3 (5.20mb) download
2. Sezen Aksu - Gidiyorum.mp3 (5.30mb) download
3. Sezen Aksu - Sanssizim.mp3 (5.07mb) download
4. Sezen Aksu - Yanarim.mp3 (5.85mb) download
5. Sezen Aksu - Zor Yillar.mp3 (4.55mb) download
6. Sezen Aksu - Bu Da Gezer.mp3 (4.71mb) download
7. Sezen Aksu - Sultan Suleyman.mp3 (4.27mb) download
8. Sezen Aksu - Sen Aglama.mp3 (6.11mb) download
9. Sezen Aksu - Firuze.mp3 (5.46mb) download
10. Sezen Aksu - Geri Don.mp3 (4.74mb) download
11. Sezen Aksu - Git.mp3 (5.67mb) download
12. Sezen Aksu - Degermi Hic.mp3 (5.46mb) download

[ Alanis Morissette: These R The Thoughts ]

Artist: Alanis Morissette
Song: These R The Thoughts

these are the thoughts that go through my head in my
backyard on a Sunday afternoon when I have the house to
myself and i'm not expending all that energy on fighting with
my boyfriend

is he the one that I will marry? why is it so hard to be
objective about myself? why do I feel cellularly alone? am I
supposed to live in this crazy city? can blindly continued fear-
induced regurgitated life-denying tradition be overcome?

where does the money go that I send to those in need? if we
have so much why do some people have nothing still? why do I
feel frantic when I first wake up in the morning? why do you
say you are spiritual yet you treat people like shit?

how can you say you're close to god and yet you talk behind
my back as though I am not a part of you? why do I say I'm fine
when it's obvious I'm not? why's it so hard to tell you
what I want? why can't you just read my mind?

why do I fear that the quieter I am the less you will listen?
why do I care whether you like me or not? why is it so hard
for me to be angry? why is it such work to stay conscious and
so easy to get stuck and not the other way around?

will I ever move back to canada? can I be with a lover with
whom I am a student and a master? why am I encouraged to
shut my mouth when it gets too close to home? why cannot I
live in the moment?

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